How a Conex Box Can Help Your Projects Run Smoothly

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Whether you’re working on a home renovation project or a large-scale commercial construction site, there’s undoubtedly a lot of moving parts to manage. You may have multiple areas being worked on at once — electrical wiring, plumbing installation, and so on — all while more supplies and materials are being delivered. Not to mention, the multitude of workers, tools, and equipment on the job.

Without a secure holding place for everything, it’s easy for important tools or expensive materials to go missing — and to no fault of the workers or project managers. It’s just simply too much to physically keep track of unless you have a secure storage solution you can trust. 


What Are Conex Container Boxes?

Conex boxes, sometimes also referred to as Conex containers, are large, durable, and secure storage containers that are commonly used at construction sites. The exterior of a Conex box is made of durable steel, which helps deter potential break-ins and can withstand extreme elements, like rain, hail, and snow. Conex boxes are usually designed with double doors for convenient access to stored tools during work hours, and a lockbox for security. 

While incredibly useful to construction projects, Conex boxes were actually invented for another purpose. They were first developed in the 1940s by the Transportation Corps of the U.S. Army to ship supplies to troops during the Korean War, and then later used commercially for shipping goods under the name “Container Express,” later shortened as “Conex.” 

Over time, people have realized many more uses for Conex boxes — even building sustainable tiny homes using them. And when it comes to renovation and construction projects (especially long-term projects with costly supplies, tools, and equipment) the Conex box has been found to be an incredibly valuable addition. 


Benefits of Using a Conex Box for Renovation and Construction

Conex boxes can help your renovation and construction projects run smoothly in a number of ways. Below are the top five reasons you should consider using a Conex box for your next construction project.


Secure Storage Solution

When it comes to storage you can trust, nothing is as strong, convenient, and cost-efficient as a Conex box. There are other portable storage units out there, but not all are made with steel to provide the security and protection you can rely on. At Anderson Rentals, our Conex boxes are made of 12 gauge corrugated steel.

Using a Conex box instead of a storage unit at a facility also has its advantages. It’s much more convenient to have all of the tools, equipment, and supplies you’re using directly on the job site. You don’t have to worry about tasking employees with bringing or delivering tools daily, because everything is already there. Not to mention, using a Conex box is often more affordable than renting a storage unit while still providing a high level of security. 


Keep Tools Organized

Construction sites can be dangerous — there’s a reason hard hats and steel-toed boots are issued to workers. In a busy construction site, it’s important to keep tools and equipment out of the way when they’re not being used. Without a designated holding area for all of the tools, it can quickly get unorganized. In this case, being disorganized obviously isn’t just a sight for sore eyes — any misstep, even as simple as tripping over a tool, can cause serious injuries.

This is where having a Conex container comes in handy. Leaving unused tools and equipment out on the ground creates unnecessary hazards. Conex boxes, which usually come in 20 feet to 40 feet in length, have more than enough room to safely store all tools and equipment. Most Conex boxes are usually 7 feet in height or greater, which also means it’s easy for workers to walk in and out to grab tools when they’re needed. 


Weatherproof Workspace

Bad weather can severely impact a construction team’s project timeline. Nobody ever likes seeing a whole day’s worth of work go down the drain unexpectedly because of rain or other weather issues. If you live in a climate that receives a lot of rain, that could cause unexpected delays on your project.

The upside of having a Conex container onsite is that you can create a temporary workshop to get some tasks done even when it’s raining, so your whole day isn’t wasted. For example, workers can stage parts of their projects in a Conex box or assemble small fixtures. While you may not be making progress in terms of erecting walls or laying down concrete, your team can likely assemble lighting fixtures or cabinetry inside of a Conex box and get it ready for installation on a day with clear weather. What’s more, it will keep your project’s expensive materials and tools protected from the elements. 


Office Space

Construction is hard work, and that includes lots of paperwork, meetings, logistical planning, and more. For all of these tasks, foremen and project managers need a place to meet together and work. 

With how large Conex boxes are, there’s more than enough room to repurpose part (or all) of the storage box into an office space. After all, people are turning Conex shipping containers into full-fledged homes. Add a few extension cords, desks, and lighting, and you have yourself a comfortable workspace that is conveniently onsite.


Bring It Anywhere

Some of the top benefits of using a portable storage unit are convenience and flexibility. Let’s say you’re working on a few construction projects within close proximity to one another. Or let’s say you’re working on a large site that is being tackled in phases based on location. With a Conex box, you can move your set-up from one place to another as needed.


Find a Quality Conex Box for Your Next Project

When you purchase a storage solution for your next renovation or construction project, quality is not something you want to sacrifice. At Anderson Rentals, we’ve provided quality service and products to communities throughout Florida since 1967. 

Our Conex boxes are constructed of 12 gauge corrugated steel and flooring that is reinforced with cross beams every 12 inches. To ensure that your tools, equipment, and other belongings are stored safely, our containers are also wind and water-resistant with cross-ventilation on both sides.

The cost of a Conex box varies from project to project, so contact us today for a free quote on our Conex boxes and other portable rentals you may need for your construction project.

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