A Wedding Planner’s Guide to Portable Restroom Rentals for Weddings

Restrooms might not be the first thing on your list when planning an outdoor wedding. It’s more fun to choose flowers, dresses, and a cake. However, the availability of clean, comfortable restrooms can make or break the experience of your wedding guests. After the reception, you want them talking about the beautiful setting and bride, not how long they waited in line for a less-than-beautiful bathroom.

Whether you’re planning your own wedding or the big day for your son, daughter, or BFF, learn what you need to know about porta potty rentals for weddings.

Does Your Wedding Require Portable Restrooms?

Whether you dream of an intimate wedding at your family home or a lavish garden party at a park, you need a place for guests to… you know.

First, let’s talk about a home wedding. Don’t torture the existing bathrooms in the house. Having people in and out can create unease for the homeowner—even if that’s you. Worst case scenario, you could wind up with a disastrous clog that ruins your whole wedding.  A septic tank for a 3 bedroom house is designed to support 6-8 people.  A septic tank can fail when a party of 50-100 people show up for 4-6 hours.

If you get married outdoors, bathrooms are a must. Don’t rely on public restrooms in a park or at the beach. They may be badly managed and, in some cases, people other than your guests may have access. That’s just awkward.

Think about how many trailer stalls you need and where to position the trailer. A rough guideline is one toilet stall per 100 guests (or one portable toilet per 75 guests). With our wide selection, you can choose from trailers with three to 13 stalls.

Work Them into Your Wedding Budget

Put restroom rentals on your list of needs right from the start. Just as you budget for your venue, catering, photography, and other necessities, budget for portable restrooms. If you’re lucky enough to have family contributing to wedding costs, discuss all the amenities you need with everyone involved. Help everyone understand the vital importance of clean, comfortable restrooms for your wedding guests.

Choosing the Right Type of Portable Restrooms for Weddings

Keep the magic of your wedding alive even when guests take a potty break. The last thing you want are grossed-out guests. Look for luxury amenities like fully operational plumbing, ventilation systems, air conditioning, and running water. Wedding planners recommend adding personal touches, like flowers or shrubs to mask the outside and small decorative touches inside. Martha Stewart Weddings even suggests hiring a restroom attendant for an added touch of elegance.

Order Your Portable Restrooms in Plenty of Time

Don’t get caught ordering portable restrooms for your wedding when it’s already too late. In Florida, demand peaks during the cooler months of spring and fall, especially in March and October. You’ll also need to allow more time for larger restroom trailers. Asa general rule of thumb, you should order these at least one to three months in advance, depending on the size of your wedding.

Get Advice on Choosing the Right Portable Restrooms

We get it; renting portable restrooms isn’t something you do every day. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options and to have a lot of questions. We’ve been in this business for more than 50 years, so we’ve seen it all. We want your wedding day to go off without a hitch, so let us guide you to the right choices.

If you’re planning a wedding, it’s time to plan for your wedding restroom needs. Explore your options for the right quantity and the most comfortable options to match the special day you envision. Portable restrooms may not sound glamorous, but they can save you a lot of hassle.

Say “I do” to elegant restroom options. Tell us a little about your wedding and we’ll help you choose the right portable restroom trailer to make your special day a success.

Lakeland’s Best Portable Restroom Services

When it comes to portable restrooms rental, Anderson Rentals Inc. is Lakeland, Florida’s trusted source. Next to Lake Mirror Park and the beautiful downtown Lakeland, Anderson Rentals is one of the hidden gems of Polk County! Continue reading to learn about our experience in Lakeland.

Local Expertise

Our team has worked in the Lakeland community for over 30 years.   In our time here, we’ve provided portable restroom solutions and shower trailers with a smile to so many happy customers.  There is no shortage in variety of the types of events we’ve provided restroom solutions too! Brides have trusted us for their wedding receptions, event planners have hired our services for their large festivals, and numerous construction projects have asked us to provide their workers with cleanly portable restrooms and shower trailers.   Note: we are a past supplier to one of the largest special events in the country: the Sun N Fun, Lakeland Air Show.

The Preferred Rental Choice in Lakeland

Each year, the Sun ‘n Fun organization puts on an event called the EAA Fly-In. This event takes place at the Lakeland Airport and is the 2nd largest event in North America. Each year, thousands of guest’s flock to Lakeland to experience the best collection of planes there is to see. For 5 years Anderson Rentals was trusted as their designated portable restroom supplier, working closely to develop restroom solutions that were tailored to fit this huge event.

Portable Restrooms in Lakeland

On your hunt for portable restroom options in Lakeland, there are a few things to keep in mind. Some companies boast low prices – but what about the quality of their services? Choosing the right providers is important because a poorly coordinated and unkept restroom area can mean disaster for your event. At Anderson Rentals, we provide the people of Lakeland with affordable rentals that are second to none in reliability, quality, and professionalism. Our experts will work with you to plan the number of restrooms needed to keep your guests happy during your event.

Whether it’s a large camping trip at the Saddle Creek Campground, a beautiful wedding at Haus 820, or an event at the Polk Museum of Art; our expertise and well-maintained portable restrooms are sure to impress guests! For quality that’s second to none, trust the team at Anderson Rentals.

Looking for portable restroom rentals? Contact Anderson Rentals Inc. today!

When’s the Best Time to Order Portable Restrooms or a Restroom Trailer(s) Before Your Event?

event planning

When ordering portable restrooms for your event, timing is everything.  The changing of the seasons brings with it increased demands for rentals. This is because when the weather is nice during Spring and Fall, people want to be outside enjoying events like festivals, carnivals, and even outdoor weddings. When planning your next event, keep these things in mind to ensure you’re able to get the port-o-potties you need.

The Busy Times

As mentioned earlier, Spring and Fall are usually the busiest times for portable toilet rental companies, especially March and October. That means lower inventories are available during these two months and that it’s more likely for things to sell out more quickly. Planning in advance is essential to securing the portable toilets needed for success.

One important thing to keep in mind is college football games are in season during the Fall. For our customers in Orlando, that means October is especially a hard time to find rentals. Our recommendation is to pre-plan as soon as you have the date and time of your event to avoid frustration.

Planning Your Potties

The first thing you must do is determine how many portable restrooms you’ll need for your event. Depending on how many you need, the amount of time in advance you order them matters.

Small Events (Requiring 1-10 Portable Restrooms)

When hosting a smaller event, it likely you’ll trust standalone portable restroom to get the job done. You can order the exact number of these you need for an event and there is typically a larger inventory of these. When ordering for a small event, we suggest calling us at least 2 weeks in advance but we suggest a month during the busier times of the year. A small event would be one with 1-20 portable restrooms.

Medium Events  (Requiring 10-30 Portable Restrooms and/or a Restroom Trailer)

Medium-sized events need a larger number of standalone restrooms or a mix of trailers and portable restrooms. Because of this, we suggest ordering at least two months in advance.

Large Events (Requiring Greater than 30 Portables and/or a Restroom Trailer)

For large events, you’ll most likely need to order restroom trailers to accommodate the number of guests you’ll have. There are typically less of these in stock than our smaller models, so we suggest ordering these at least 3 months in advance.

Please remember that March and October are the ‘high’ season for Florida.

Knowing when to order your portable restrooms can be a challenge, but always remember that the earlier the better. Avoid the frustrations of not being able to get the resource you need for that special event you’ve been planning. Contact the potty professionals at Anderson Rentals today!

Portable Restrooms: We’ve Seen It All

anderson rentals port o potties

At Anderson Rentals, Inc. we know that working with portable restrooms isn’t all milk and honey. As is true in any industry, things don’t always go as planned. What’s important is that no matter what situation presents itself, our team members are ready to take the challenges head-on.

Storms vs. Portable Restrooms

Hurricanes and port-o-potties don’t always mix well. That’s because the high winds can create flying debris or even airborne portable restrooms if the proper measures aren’t taken to secure them. So of course, our team has seen our fair share of storm-struck potties. After a large hurricane hit a Florida town, we had to pull multiple portables out of an alligator-infested lake for one of our customers. Following a separate hurricane, a few of our portables ended up swimming with the fishes in the Indian River – graffitied and airborne from a combination of high wind speeds and vandalization. Oh, and did we mention the twister? Our team has had to pull a portable out of the top of a pine tree after a tornado picked up the portable and sent it airborne!

When Nature Calls

Mother nature has thrown us her fair share of non-storm related horrors too. We’re no stranger to dealing with creepy crawlies. On multiple occasions, we’ve found snakes in and under our portable toilets when cleaning and removing them. Some of our crew members have also been greeted by skunks when servicing restrooms. And the most notable of all, when purchasing several hundred portables to add to our fleet we were met by a cottonmouth snake hiding underneath the very last one we moved.

Success Doesn’t Always Come Easily

It’s not all about flying potties and lurking wildlife, working in the portable restroom industry has some great aspects too. One thing we’re particularly proud of is our contract with the UCF Football team in Orlando. Over the years we’ve had this contract on and off many times, sometimes losing it to other companies promising lower rates. But in the end, our quality is what reigns supreme and is the reason UCF has chosen to have us take over their portable restroom needs.

It’s a Learning Process

In our 50 years in business, we’ve worked with all types of equipment and learned by trial and error what works best. We’re currently very proud of the equipment we use, especially our truck fleet and the onsite staff who manages it. You can catch us riding in style down the streets of Orlando, Tampa and the rest of Central Florida touting our orange and grey trucks to match our portable restrooms!

With over 50 years in the industry, you could say that we’ve seen it all. No matter what life throws your way, you can find peace knowing our team is ready to assist in any situation – big, small, or strange.

Looking for portable restroom rentals? Contact Anderson Rentals Inc. today!

Best Spots to Place Your Portable Restroom for Events

where to place portable restrooms at an event

So, you’ve decided how many restrooms you’ll need for your event, but where will you put them? When placing your portable restrooms, it’s essential to keep functionality and guest comfort in mind. Use these tips to help you determine the best placement for your portable restroom.  The last thing anyone wants is for a guest to trip or twist an ankle on a rock, stick or depression when exiting the portable.

Stay Grounded for Safety

This one is crucial. Placing your portable restroom on level ground is essential to the safety and comfort of your guests. Placing the rental on irregular ground can cause tipping and wobbling for guests – making for an unpleasant experience.

Near Concessions

It is usually best to have the portables in plane site.    Placing your portable restrooms near concessions is a concern unless there is some distance between them. Your porta-potties don’t need to be right by where food and drinks are being served but should be located within a short walking distance to avoid discomfort for guests.

Check the Weather

Is there a possibility for high wind during your event?  If so, we suggest placing the portables in groups, back-to-back, for added stability in high winds.  Otherwise, we recommend securing your rentals by placing them along a wall or other structure. This will prevent it from catching wind and shaking, or even worse becoming airborne! It’s also important to check for rain and ensure that the ground you place your portable restroom on won’t become a large puddle or surrounded by standing water if a downpour occurs.

Choose a Central Location

Who likes walking around frantically looking for a restroom? Likely, not your guests. That’s why you should look to place portable restrooms somewhere that can be easily seen and found. At the same time, you don’t want your portable restroom to be the focal point of your event.  That’s why we suggest central placement in the middle and scattered along the edges of your venue.

Keep It Accessible

Accessibility is key to a good portable restroom placement. Not only do you want to make sure guests can easily get to the location, but it’s also important to make sure our drivers can deliver and pickup safely (without getting stuck, falling into an unmarked septic tank, etc).

Next time you’re planning an event, use these tips to ensure the safety and happiness of event goers. Still have questions? When you choose Anderson Rentals Inc. for your portable restroom rental, you get our team of experienced experts too! Our team can advise you on the best placement for your rentals.

Looking for a luxury restroom trailer for your next event? Contact Anderson Rentals Inc. today!

What Size Shower Trailer Rental Is Right for Me?

multi day festival

If you’re hosting an event or have a large job that requires shower facilities, you may be asking yourself “what size show trailer rental do I need?”. Use this guide to learn about the multiple shower trailer sizes available to rent, and which types of events each are perfect for.

8-Stall Combination Bathroom & Shower Trailer – 28′

Whether you’re going to be hosting a large campout or need facilities for fairground of concert workers, the 8-stall combination restroom and shower trailer is a great solution. This combo trailer gives you the option to set up as many of the 8-stalls as either showers or restrooms, whichever best suits your needs.

10-Stall Shower Trailer – 28′

The 10-stall shower trailer is ideal for large events like air shows and concerts. With 10 shower heads, this trailer keeps lines moving even on the busiest days. Renters have the option of dividing the trailer with a partition to create 2 rooms with 5 shower stalls each.

26-Stall Shower Trailer – 40′

The 26-stall shower trailer is the largest mobile shower trailer we have available. If your planning for a multi-day festival, this is the solution for your needs. No matter how busy peak time is at your event, the size of this trailer allows it to reduce wait times and keep event goers and staff happy. This particular shower trailer comes with the option to have 1 large 26 stall room or 2 smaller rooms with 12 and 14 stalls – all depending on your unique needs.

28- Stall Shower Trailer – 60′

For events of extra-large proportions, the 28-stall shower trailer is the best option. This includes multi-day festivals (think Coachella, Burning Man etc.) and large camping events. This shower trailer comes fit with a 2-gender configuration, helping to alleviate long lines and serve more users at a time.

30-Stall Shower Trailer – 44′

Our largest shower trailer available is the 30-stall shower trailer. Although they are popular for big festivals, they are also ideal for large storm relief crews. This trailer comes in two different options, depending on what suits your needs best:

  • 2 room configuration: 12 stalls on one side and 20 stalls in the other with no sinks.
  • 2 room configuration: 10 stalls and 4 sinks in one side and 15 stalls and 8 sinks in the other.

If you have an extra-large event or job, the 30-stall shower trailer is a great way to eliminate the need for multiple shower trailers.

Next time you need to rent a shower trailer for an event, be sure to choose the option that will best suit your needs. It’s important to consider possible wait times that your customers or workers may have to deal with depending on the size and number of trailers you rent. If you still have questions on what size would be best for you, the team at Anderson Rentals is here to help.

Need to find the right size shower trailer for your next event? Contact Anderson Rentals today!

What Size Roll-off is Right for Me?

roll-off dumpster

Utilizing a roll-off dumpster is a great way to easily dispose of debris. This can be at construction job sites or home sites: when cleaning out garages or taking down trees. Choosing the proper size roll-off can save you money and prevent frustrations later in your project. Keep in mind that we mostly have 20-yd dumpsters and our pricing is based mostly upon the ’20s as most customers find the best value in this size.

Are you asking yourself what size roll-off you’ll need for your next project? If you’re unsure, the experts at Anderson Rentals have the solution for you! Read this guide to help you determine what size roll-is right for the job.

10-Yard Roll-offs

If you’re taking on a smaller, weekend project, then a 10-yard roll-off could be perfect for you. 10-yard roll-offs are the ideal size for short-term projects like the renovation of a bathroom or other small rooms, garage clean-outs, and concrete removals to name a few. These roll-offs can hold up to 4 tons or equivalent to 3 pickup truck loads worth of items.

20-Yard Roll-offs

Our best value, 20-yard roll-offs are the most popular size among both contractors and homeowners since they offer a happy median in terms of proportions. Simply said, they are usually just right. This size roll-off is good for bigger jobs, like home remodels, deck removals, large landscaping projects, new roof installations and more! 20-yard roll-offs can hold up to 10 tons, or 6 pick-up truck loads worth of waste.  The 20-yd cans are typically the maximum size cans when moving concrete or dirt, due to truck weight restrictions.

30-Yard Roll-offs

Bigger is NOT always better unless you are dealing with bulky/light debris (trees, tree roots, large garage/home clean outs, or bulky lumber job sites.)  30-yard roll-offs will be your best option (not for dirt or concrete loads). Typically, during a home addition or building demolition construction companies and contractors will choose this option. 10 tons, or 9 pickup truck loads, can easily fit into one of these receptacles.


What is a Pull?  A ‘pull’ is when the truck comes to pick up the dumpster and take it to the landfill for disposal.  A Pull & Return, is when the customer wants it back to put more debris into a second dumpster.  And a Final, is when we pull it and do not return it.

Disposal Fee: the dollar rate per ton we charge back to the customer based upon the landfill disposal fee per ton and the debris type disposed (construction waste, roofing, yard waste, etc).  Every municipality charges differently.

*Minimum Usage Fee: when a dumpster customer completes a pull within 28 days of delivery – there is NO minimum usage fee.  When a customer keeps a dumpster for greater than 28 days with no pulls, the customer is charged a minimum usage fee.

Having a roll-off dumpster at your next job site will create an easy means of waste disposal and help make your project a success. Next time you’re asking yourself, “what size roll-off dumpster is right for me?”, be sure to reference this guide to help you determine what size will work best for your needs.

Need a roll-off dumpster for your next project? Contact the team at Anderson Rentals Inc. today!

The 5 Best Things About Renting a Luxury Restroom Trailer

Luxury restroom trailers have all the functionality and comfort of your restrooms at home, while providing multiple restrooms at a lower cost. So, what kind of amenities can you expect? Here are 5 of the most loved features of luxury restroom trailers:

Feel the Breeze

Especially for those events held in Florida, air conditioning is a nice perk to offer your festival or event-goers. Think of the restroom trailer as a sanctuary for guests, where they can escape the heat and take a moment to breathe.

Wash Up

Who likes to leave the bathroom feeling unclean? Having hot and cold running water gives guests the ability to wash their hands and freshen up after a long day of festival going. Much like your restroom at home, luxury restroom trailers come with a full sink and customizable water temperatures.

Always Flush

Luxury restroom trailers come decked out with a fully operational plumbing system. So basically, this portable restroom gives guest the ability to flush after use. As with many standard restrooms, the luxury restroom trailer discretely removes waste making for a more pleasant experience for the next guest.

What’s That Smell?

Our luxury restroom trailers also come with a ventilation and exhaust system to further eliminate any of the usual portable restroom odors that can be present.

Decked Out

29' 10-stall Satellite trailer Interior from anderson rentals

Luxury restroom trailers are not only functionable, they can be fashionable too. Many of our trailers now come with interior “mariner” décor that is very pleasing.   A luxury trailer adds an element of ambiance to your guest’s restroom experience.  Of course, the customer can always add additional decorations such as (shelf/floor)(interior/exterior) plants and/or flowers to personalize the restroom to fit your event if you so choose.


Using the bathroom at an event can be just like going at home with a luxury restroom trailer. At Anderson Rentals, we supply many different sized restroom trailers, including (Qty. two)  10-stall and (Qty. three)  3-stall luxury restroom trailers to provide you with all the amenities you love. When it comes to choosing bathroom options, the choice is clear: luxury restroom trailers are the way to go!  (Note: we also carry Shower trailers as well.)

Looking for a luxury restroom trailer for your next event? Contact Anderson Rentals. today!

4 Ways Restroom Trailers Improve the Festival Experience

restroom trailer at festivals

It’s that time of year again! The weather is cool and people want to enjoy time outside, especially at music and food festivals. If you’re planning a festival of your own, there is one thing that often gets overlooked: restrooms. While standard portable restrooms can get the job done, restroom trailers can be a great way to elevate your event. Here are 4 reasons why a restroom trailer could be the solution for your festival planning:


Cleanliness is next to godliness, and your festival attendees will appreciate a nice cool and clean place to go. Normally, portable restrooms sit out in the direct sunlight for many hours, which can lead to unsatisfactory odors and a general “unclean” feeling. Unlike regular portables, restroom trailers feature air conditioning and a ventilation system that is great for eliminating odors and making your guests feel comfortable.


Having access to clean restrooms keeps your guest onsite and happy.  No one likes waiting in line for the bathroom when they could be seeing their favorite band play. Long wait times are a pain point that restroom trailers can help to alleviate. Because they feature multiple stalls, it is easier to get guests in and out to keep lines moving. Keep in mind that if your guest leaves the property to go find a restroom, your revenues are leaving too.

Quality Experience

Restroom trailers show your festival go-ers that you are committed to quality. Trailers provide your attendees with all the amenities of home and provide a sanctuary from being outdoors for long periods of time. Flushable toilets, sinks with running water, Air conditioning, and lighting for your guests are just some of the great features to enjoy.

Cost Effective

Depending on the size of your event, a restroom trailer could be a great way to save some money. Restroom trailers have multiple stalls, usually anywhere from 3-13, and can reduce the need for numerous standalone portable toilets at your event. Again, if your event guests leave the property, so does your revenues.   Having restrooms available for your guests keeps them on property and happy.

When planning your next event, don’t flush out the possibility of a restroom trailer. The cleanliness, availability, quality experience and cost-effectiveness of restroom trailers can be an easy way to elevate your next festival. To find the restroom trailer that’s right for your needs, contact Anderson Rentals today. Our team of potty experts can help find the right product for your needs.

For information on restroom trailer rentals, contact Anderson Rentals, Inc. today!

Keeping Your Portable Restroom Safe this Hurricane Season

secure your portable restroom this hurricane season


Hurricane season is a portable restroom’s worst enemy. Due to the high winds that come along with hurricanes, unless the proper steps are taken to secure a unit there can be great damage to your rental. Read on for Anderson Rentals’ guide on why it’s important for you to secure your portable toilet rental, tips for keeping it safe, and when to expect your service to resume in the event of a major storm.

Why It’s Important

Two reasons: You are protecting the portable from receiving physical damage and/or causing physical damage to another property. Also, you are securing the portable in order to have it for use immediately after the storm. Failing to secure a portable toilet before a hurricane can have serious implications. If the wind catches inside of the unit, it can send the portable toilet flying 50’ in the air. While this sounds like a funny phenomenon, it can create serious damage to surrounding properties or individuals. Typically, when a contractor rents a unit it becomes their responsibility to make sure that it is secured – meaning that if damages are incurred the contractor is held liable.

What You Can Do

Prepping for the storm is the best way to avoid damages to portable toilets. There are a variety of things you can do before the storm hits to help secure your rental and keep it from becoming airborne. One of the most effective ways to secure your rental and have it available for use after the storm is to bring your portable toilet into a garage and weigh it down or face it towards an inside wall, but we know that’s not always plausible. If that option isn’t available, you can try these tips:

  • Move the portable to an exterior wall on the leeward side of the building.
  • Tie the door of your rental shut to reduce damage and keep it from flying.
  • Tie the toilet to a tree, telephone pole or dumpster with the door facing the tree
  • Lay the portable down on the ground, on top of its door to help prevent wind from getting inside. Weigh it down using sandbags or other heavy materials.
  • If at a worksite, park your construction equipment around the unit to form a barrier

After the storm has made its way through the area, we advise putting some water in the rental until we can safely come out to service it. In securing your unit proactively, when the storm passes it will be easier for your unit to be serviced and running again!

When to Expect Resumed Service

After the storm passes, notify Anderson Rentals of any damages, and we will work to replace your rental as soon as we can!

The severity of damages created from the storm can affect how quickly our team can get back on the road to service units, but we are committed to serving your needs as soon as we can. It is also important to remember that when we resume our clean up routes, we may not be able to get to every unit right away, as cleanup and restoration crews can sometimes block the way.

Never forget the importance of securing your portable restroom rental before a hurricane hits your area. Keep these tips in mind the next time you are facing a storm to help you secure your portable restroom rental, while also keeping area property(ies) safe as well.

For information on rentals, contact Anderson Rentals today!