When’s the Best Time to Order Portable Restrooms or a Restroom Trailer(s) Before Your Event?

When’s the Best Time to Order Portable Restrooms or a Restroom Trailer(s) Before Your Event?

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When ordering portable restrooms for your event, timing is everything.  The changing of the seasons brings with it increased demands for rentals. This is because when the weather is nice during Spring and Fall, people want to be outside enjoying events like festivals, carnivals, and even outdoor weddings. When planning your next event, keep these things in mind to ensure you’re able to get the port-o-potties you need.

The Busy Times

As mentioned earlier, Spring and Fall are usually the busiest times for portable toilet rental companies, especially March and October. That means lower inventories are available during these two months and that it’s more likely for things to sell out more quickly. Planning in advance is essential to securing the portable toilets needed for success.

One important thing to keep in mind is college football games are in season during the Fall. For our customers in Orlando, that means October is especially a hard time to find rentals. Our recommendation is to pre-plan as soon as you have the date and time of your event to avoid frustration.

Planning Your Potties

The first thing you must do is determine how many portable restrooms you’ll need for your event. Depending on how many you need, the amount of time in advance you order them matters.

Small Events (Requiring 1-10 Portable Restrooms)

When hosting a smaller event, it likely you’ll trust standalone portable restroom to get the job done. You can order the exact number of these you need for an event and there is typically a larger inventory of these. When ordering for a small event, we suggest calling us at least 2 weeks in advance but we suggest a month during the busier times of the year. A small event would be one with 1-20 portable restrooms.

Medium Events  (Requiring 10-30 Portable Restrooms and/or a Restroom Trailer)

Medium-sized events need a larger number of standalone restrooms or a mix of trailers and portable restrooms. Because of this, we suggest ordering at least two months in advance.

Large Events (Requiring Greater than 30 Portables and/or a Restroom Trailer)

For large events, you’ll most likely need to order restroom trailers to accommodate the number of guests you’ll have. There are typically less of these in stock than our smaller models, so we suggest ordering these at least 3 months in advance.

Please remember that March and October are the ‘high’ season for Florida.

Knowing when to order your portable restrooms can be a challenge, but always remember that the earlier the better. Avoid the frustrations of not being able to get the resource you need for that special event you’ve been planning. Contact the potty professionals at Anderson Rentals today!