Guide to Portable Restroom Rental Costs

Guide to Portable Restroom Rental Costs

portable restroom rental at a construction site


Whether for a wedding, festival, construction project or disaster recovery, portable restrooms are a convenient alternative when a location doesn’t have on-site plumbing or enough restrooms to accommodate everyone. Along with the restrooms themselves, you’ll also need to consider other necessary rentals, local and state regulations, and the different services each rental company provides.

Learn the ins and outs of portable restroom rental costs, where you can find rentals for your event, and how to go about the rental process.


Portable Restrooms and Other Necessary Rentals

There are a few things you need to know before renting portable restrooms such as when to get your products, how many you’ll need, and what rentals are required in conjunction with the restrooms. Vendors should have a variety of portable toilets to choose from based on your needs, preferences, event size, and budget.


Typically, there are standard portable restrooms with or without hand sanitizer dispensers, handicap accessible portable restrooms, flushable portable restrooms, towable portable restrooms (suggested usage would be, for example, road construction or farm sites where the portable needs to be moved daily to follow the crew), and even high-rise portable restrooms designed for multi-story construction projects. Depending on the type of event, you may need other rentals in conjunction with your portable restroom:


  • Portable containment trays are typically used on job-sites for LEED certified projects. They’re placed under the portable toilets and designed to catch any runoff wash water when our team cleans the unit
  • For every 10 portable restrooms, regulations require events to have at least one portable sink. Portable sinks are also required in areas where food will be served for the staff and attendees. Portable sinks should include a paper towel and soap dispenser.
  • There are also trailers available in a variety of formats: bathroom only, bathroom/shower combinations, and shower trailers. These trailers typically include multiple stalls and the restrooms have handwashing stations inside.
  • Holding tanks are required for trailers that don’t have access to a sewer or septic tank for waste disposal.


How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Portable Restroom

Portable restroom rental costs will vary depending on how many rentals you need according to expected attendees, the type of products you choose and their amenities, the length of time you’ll need the products, and the location, date, and time of your event, construction site, or workplace.


Along with the cost of the product rentals themselves, you’re also paying for benefits including delivery/setup (one location or multiple locations), maintenance and cleaning, waste disposal, rental removal, and potentially a premium for additional services such as an all day attendant.


When it comes to portable restroom rentals, you get what you pay for — and an unkempt, low-quality portable restroom can put a damper on your attendees’ experience. This makes it all the more important to choose a company that offers reliable, timely customer service, and quality products.


Where You Can Rent a Portable Restroom

When it comes time to rent your portable restrooms, the first step is to choose a vendor. Be sure to choose a vendor that is dedicated to providing great service along with high-quality products.


They should provide a quote and a rental agreement that clearly outlines their responsibilities and yours. Ensure that the vendor you choose sets expectations on rental delivery, setup, maintenance, and collection. As a renter, it’s your responsibility to specify event details and the types of rentals you’ll need before the agreement is signed. You’ll also need to notify the vendor if the rentals need to be serviced and cleaned more frequently.


Special Considerations

Your event rentals may incur additional costs due to local or state regulations. In most all Florida municipalities, the event permit covers the rental of portable restrooms. Additionally, the portable restroom provider/operator is responsible for obtaining an annual Health permit from the city/county’s health department. The vendor should always be able to provide proof of their annual Health permit and relevant city and county Business Operating permits — if they can’t, this is an indication that you should rent with another company. Not all municipalities require permits and one county permit can carry over to surrounding counties.


Along with permits, you’ll need to comply with local and state regulations. These rules tell you how many and what kind of portable rentals are required for your event, and also outline the sanitation and maintenance requirements.


At Anderson Rentals, we offer different levels of service to best fit your needs and budget — all of which guarantee reliable and professional delivery and maintenance. We travel to designated service areas to deliver and maintain your rentals throughout Florida including Brevard County, Orange County, Volusia County, Polk County, St. Lucie County, and more. Please click on the link above to see our service map.

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