13-stall Deluxe Restroom Trailer – 30′

The largest Mobile Restroom Trailer we have available, this one is perfect for large events such as air shows, concerts and events that will be held over several days. Used alone or in combination with other facilities, portable restrooms and handicap restrooms, this facility will help to keep those lines moving and handle a large number of people with quick access. Valet attendants (ours or yours) are recommended.

The Women’s side features 6 enclosed stalls and 4 porcelain sinks with mirrors. The Men’s side features 3 enclosed stalls, 4 urinals and 2 porcelain sinks with mirrors. Water and electrical supply required as well as Proof of Insurance for liability and damages. Customers are required to have electrical hookup and disconnect performed by certified electrician. This is a 30′ box trailer/ 35′ in total length (with trailer tongue), 8’6″ wide (without stairs down), 12’6″ wide with stairs deployed.

  • Operates on 220 Volts/ 50 Amp power supply
  • 50' garden hose supplied for water hookup
  • Air Conditioning
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Flushable Porcelain Toilets, Urinals and Sinks
  • Electric Hand Dryers
  • Aluminum Diamond Plate Flooring
  • Liquid Waste Holding Tank – 1500 gal. capacity
  • Storage Room
  • Optional Stereo
  • 8' x 36' (steps extend several feet in front of trailer)